Super Book: Take A Stroll Down Memory Lane with Wham-O!

$22.92 $29.99

In honor of Wham-O™ 70th anniversary, we would like to present a special gift to all of our fans: The Super Book!

Want to get the inside scoop behind your favorite Wham-O inventions? Our Super Book got you! Dive into the behind-the-scenes, inspiration and story behind your favorite Wham-O inventions over these past 70 years. The ultimate present for the old and young, our Super Book guarantees to bring you a super smile to the faces of all ages! Since 1948, Wham-O has been a beloved family member that has never failed to bring laughter to American households. Take the Frisbee, it has always been there to entertain us at the beach or the park- no fail! What better to do with your neighbors than to Slip 'N Slide into the summer? Wham-O™s legendary presence has made people of all ages have fun anywhere they go. The book offers readers a stroll down memory lane into the beginnings of all of our products. Feel the nostalgia, cherished memories, and history all in one big fun book!