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60 years ago, Wham-O, an iconic American toy and outdoor fun company with 75 years of experience in outdoor toys created the Superball, an extremely bouncy elastic ball made of Zectron. The beloved Superball quickly won the hearts of many and took over America at the time. Ahead of its time, Zectron was a highly innovative material that was near impossible to mimic by others in the market.

60 year later, Wham-O's is now spearheading the micromobility industry, bringing another futuristic product for consumers to enjoy in the form of an electronic bike: the Zectron ebike. Inspired by the properties of Zectron and the level of innovation Zectron demonstrated at the time, the Zectron ebike is durable, compact, powerful, and boasts innovative technologies and features unseen in electric bikes currently on the market.