Snowboogie® Super Double Tube


The Super Double Tube gives you and your snow tube partner the maximum fun and comfort sliding down the slope together. It uses a patent-pending, fabric lamination technology to offer the extra comfy touch as well as added durability than all vinyl tube.

Warm & Soft Touch. The added fabric layer provides a warm and soft touch instead of the cold and plastic feel found on low-priced tubes.

Light Weight. Our Complex-Flex membrane technology directly laminates the fabric layer onto the cold-resistant PVC vinyl for extra durability resulting in much lighter weight than other fabric-covered tubes.

More Durable. While you are enjoying the snow, the fabric layer can endure scratches by sharp objects such as zippers on your clothing better than normal vinyl tubes.

  • New Complex-Flex® membrane by Wham-O® (Patent pending)
  • Extra durable impact and puncture protection
  • Light weight
  • Soft feel with better GRIP EVEN WHEN WET
  • Durable cold-resistant PVC vinyl on the snow surface
  • Double Layer for high durability
  • Nordic knit pattern design
  • 2-person luxury tube with 4 molded-grip handles
  • Size: 64"