Wham-O Sponsors Healthy Kids Running Series 2017!

We are excited to announce that Wham-O is now an official sponsor of the Healthy Kids Running Series 2017!

Healthy Kids Running Series, or HKRS, is a five week running event which takes place every spring and fall in 60 different locations across the country. Founded by Jeff Long, the event aims to introduce kids across the country to the world of running as a way to combat increasing obesity rates in America. Through a positive and fun running program, HKRS hopes to motivate our youth to be more active as well as improve their self-esteem by giving kids an opportunity to build new friendships. With that in mind, this places the ideals and goals of HKRS in line with Wham-O’s. Over 70 years of creating iconic and fun products enjoyed outdoors, Wham-O has always been a strong advocate of a healthier lifestyle by being active outdoors. Due the skyrocketing in popularity of technology integrated into our entertainment go-tos, parents now find their kids confined to their rooms on their mobile devices and game consoles. With that in mind, Wham-O not only encourages an active lifestyle, but also a fun and interactive one.  We genuinely hope to bring kids together like the old days by encouraging socialization through the use and enjoyment of our products. This is why we cannot be happier to sponsor HKSR, an event that shares the same fundamental beliefs and principle as Wham-O’s: to bring our youth together and promote a healthier, active lifestyle.

“Wham-O is thrilled to be sponsoring an event that promotes a healthier lifestyle for kids in the U.S. and around the world. Since its foundation, Wham-O’s ultimate goal has been to motivate kids to get outside, be healthy, and have fun. By partnering with the HKRS, Wham-O is taking yet another step to making this goal a reality for kids everywhere.” – Olga Pronin: Wham-O, Marketing Manager.

Moreover, Wham-O is launching HKRS Limited Edition Frisbee, which is available for purchase in @whamoofficial Facebook Shop!

Join us in supporting the Healthy Kids Running Series, with our limited edition HKRS Frisbee by Wham-O! A portion of our proceeds will go to supporting HKRS nonprofit program founded aimed to provide children with a positive, educational and fun introduction to the world of running.

Let’s stay healthy, active and have fun!

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