Wham-O Mini Frisbee® Golf Set

Who says that Frisbee® Golf can only be played outside? Whether it’s raining or snowing outside, we don’t put any limitations when it comes to fun and games! Check out Mini Frisbee® Golf set by Wham-O, specially designed for indoor fun for everyone from ages 5 and up!

With a target equipped with metal chains, the perfect indoor game is light, compact and has a portable design, which allows you to start playing in no time!

The game comes with 6 colorful Mini Golf Frisbees®. The Mini Golf Frisbees® are small in size which fits perfectly into the hands of our youngest players. Despite its size, the Mini Frisbee® flies perfectly well and can be enjoyed by everyone of every age.

Play a game of 3-rounds Mini Frisbee® Golf with the entire family, compete with your friends at a house party, or challenge your co-workers during your lunch break! Enjoy this favorite target game everywhere you go!

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