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Over the past 70 years, Wham-O has accumulated many licensees for its many great products. Today, we present you Kiloo, one of our licensee. Below is a recount of an interview we had with CEO Jacob Møller.

Kiloo is a major mobile games developer and publisher from Denmark. The company is the co-creator and publisher of the world-wide hit, Subway Surfers, which has achieved more than 1.5 billion downloads so far. The company was founded by Jacob Moller in 2000, focusing exclusively on mobile games development, and is now owned fully by Jacob Moller and his brother Simon Moller, who joined in 2008. Currently, Kiloo has more than 125 employees across offices in Aarhus, Copenhagen, and Budapest.

Kiloo started the partnership with Wham-O in early 2010, primarily focusing on creating exciting new games for mobile based on Wham-O’s lineup of original products.  The legacy, design excellence and popularity of the Wham-O brands became a huge motivator for Kiloo.

Kiloo currently has two games with Wham-O; Frisbee® Forever and Frisbee® Forever 2. Essentially, the video game is an intense game of Frisbee® in different ‘worlds’ with different obstacles that make the game very addictive! Frisbee® Forever was a huge success right away in the App Store and in the Google Play Store, when it launched in 2011. To date, the game has done more than 15 million downloads and also spawned a sequel in 2012 to both critical acclaim and massive player popularity.

The mobile games market has sure changed and matured a lot in the last 4-5 years. Currently, the market is dominated by big publishers, well known IP’s and brands, and of course games-as-a-service products with a high level of social interaction. It is no longer enough to release a good product and hope for the best. Players expect high-quality games in all genres and as a developer, you have to react accordingly, strive to deliver meaningful content regularly and continuously work with improving the product based on user feedback.

There are currently no immediate plans for a Wham-O collaboration but Kiloo would love the opportunity to work with one of Wham-O’s great products again very soon.

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