Wham-O in Hong Kong: Toys & Games Fair

Earlier this month, Wham-O travelled to Hong Kong to attend the annual Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, Asia’s premiere toy convention. Set in the backdrop of a beautiful and welcoming city, Wham-O was present with a booth at the Hong Kong Convention & Exhibition Centre to display its brand new 2017 product lineup. This lineup included brands for both spring/summer and fall/winter collections: Frisbee, Slip ‘N Slide, Splash, Giggle ’N Splash, Splash ’N Score, Super Ball, Super Kite, Aqua Force, Boogie Board, Snow Boogie, and Arctic Force lines.

The Wham-O team had a wonderful experience and had many great insights into the company’s current and future position within the industry.

“This is a great time for Wham-O, especially with such a big interest in nostalgic, well-known branded items and in particular items that get kids and families active and playing together,” says Wham-O President Todd Richards. “We have a great team that is working to improve existing Wham-O products, but more importantly, working on many new items.  Over the last year we have pushed very hard to bring back an awareness of Wham-O through promotions and social media with great success.  At the recent Hong Kong Toys & Games Fair, our Wham-O booth was very busy with buyers from all over the world anxious to see and hear about all the great things we will be doing over the next several months.  In the coming year, Wham-O will be celebrating 70 years of bringing fun into the lives of people all over the world, just as the founders envisioned.”

According to Wham-O Director of Sales Tom Lindahl: “Wham-O’s diverse product line, aimed at getting kids to play outside and enjoy fun times with their friends and families, created a lot of interest from international buyers, distributors and global market players. The lack of simple, easy to understand, and active products was apparent by the number of people who engaged with our team and our booth. And taking into account that parents are getting more and more concerned about their kids’ lifestyle and are preferring real toys to digital ones – this is the perfect time for Wham-O! As a parent, I am especially concerned with the amount of time my own kids are spending in front of a screen. Everyone we talked to was genuinely excited and interested both in the products we were displaying and in the fact that Wham-O was making a comeback.”

“We believe we are in perfect position to continue to reestablish the influence and legacy of the Wham-O brand. We are primed to begin releasing an ambitious line of new products over the next few months that we believe will revitalize the active lifestyle toy market. We are excited to begin working on our new projects and can’t wait to release them,” states Olga Pronin, Marketing Manager at Wham-O.

Wham-O in Hong Kong: Toys & Games Fair HK TOYFAIR News

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