TOY&HOBBY Retailer: Slip’ N Slidin’ Away


Robert Carrier invented the first slide after repeatedly coming home to see his son Mike and the neighbourhood kids spraying water onto the family’s smooth-finish concrete driveway and sliding down the slope.According to Tim Walsh-author of 2008’s Wham-O Super-Book:Celebrationg 60 Years Inside the Fun Factory-with the hose running,kids would get a head start deep in the garage,and start running before coasting along on their backsides.”You guys are going to kill yourselves”,Carrier would often say.

Rather than put the kibosh on the fun,Carrier came up with a safer alternative:along strip of Naugahyde and an intermittently punctured tube sewn lengthwise into one side so that when the garden hose was attached water would spurt out evenly onto the surface.

When Carrier later sold his design to Wham-O,the Naugahyde was swapped with plastic to cut production costs,and what an early advertisement heralded as a “New Amazing Invention!” emerged on the market.

In its first year on sale over three million backyards became waterparks,Just $8.95 bought a box of six slip’N Slides,and a possibel escalation in the water rates.

The Slide has evolved over the past five dacades,attracting licensing part five decades,attracting licening partners like NASCAR,Disney and Marvel,and has itself evolved from a simple single rider slider into double and triple rider slides in incredible 3D proportions with new water effects.

A number of adults reportedly receiving injuries of various degrees in separate incidents between 1973 and 1991,led the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission to issue a statement declaring Slip’N Slide a danger to adults and teenagers,warning of the potential for spinal cord injurier.In response the slide has been repackaged and is now regarded as safe for users 12 years and under.

The slide still entices summer thrill seekers and those wanting to chill out.The latest models are the Monster Splash,and the Black Diamond Racer,the first curved slide.The Slip’N Slide Sports will bring some friendly competition onto the lawn,with the Splash Dunk and Splash ‘n Bowl,not to mention pruney fingers and toes.


The Wham-O Slip’N Slide,a mainstay of backyard summertime fun,is turning 50 this year.The first slide was invented by upholsterer Robert Carrier,and released in 1961.During the past five decades over 30 million slides have turned backyards into     waterparks.Licensed by the likes of Disney,NASCAR and Marvel,Slip’N Slide has evolved from a simple single rider slide into double and triple rider slides in incredible 3D proportions with new water effects.

New slides,sure to be a hit, are the extreme Monster Splash, which creates the biggest splash yet, and the Black Diamond Racer, the first ever curved Slip’N Slide. The Slip’N Slide Sports will bring some friendly competition to the lawn with the Splash Dunk and Splash ‘N Bowl.



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