Smash-hit Frisbee® Forever Flies from Backyard to Android! (Dec.01, 2011) AARHUS, DENMARK and WOODLAND HILLS, CA

Kiloo, an award-winning game development company is announcing Frisbee® Forever – a fast-paced flying game experience for Android

Originally dubbed “Pluto Platter”, the Frisbee® was created in 1955 and over 300 million have been sold since. Playing Frisbee® Forever, the player flicks their favorite Frisbee® and steers it through Pirate Waters, Winter Wonderlands, the Wild West and the Sunny California Theme Park. The game features unique challenges and obstacles in a rich, complete 3D environment.

Frisbee® Forever has previously achieved to amaze more than 5.000.000 players on the iPhone platform and is now available for Android fans from all around the world.

“We are happy to expand our relationship with the Kiloo team and to our millions of Frisbee Fans,” noted Kyle Aguilar, CEO of WHAM-O.

“It is truly a pleasure to be able to announce the launch of our smash-hit title Frisbee® Forever for the Android platform, where we aim to entertain millions of Android fans!”, said Jacob Moller, CEO at Kiloo.

With over 100 levels in lush, colorful worlds and 100 different Frisbee® disc models to collect, users will have plenty of excitement as they fly at incredible speed, unlocking cool achievements and trophies along the way.

Frisbee® Forever is available for download on Android Market.

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