Slip ‘N Slide 50th Birthday!

The Wham-O® Slip ‘N Slide®, a mainstay of backyard summertime fun, is turning 50 this year. Invented by upholsterer Robert Carrier and released by Wham-O® in 1961, the Slip ‘N Slide® gained instant recognition for turning backyards into magical summer play lands and continues to be passed on from generation to generation. Since its inception, Slip ‘N Slide® has become one of the most popular outdoor activities, leading to sales of over 30 million slides and licensing deals with the likes of Disney, NASCAR® and Marvel. Slip ‘N Slide® has evolved from a simple single rider slide into double and triple rider slides in incredible 3D proportions with new water effects. Two new versions of Slip ‘N Slide® Extreme available now are Monster Splash, which creates the biggest splash yet, and Black Diamond Racer, the first ever curved Slip ‘N Slide®. Bringing some friendly competition to the lawn is Slip ‘N Slide® Sports with Splash Dunk and Splash ‘N Bowl. Available in major Mass and Sporting Goods retailers everywhere, these exhilarating new models will send kids sliding until their fingers and toes turn into prunes!

“It is fascinating to see the development of Slip ‘N Slide® over the years,” said Kyle Aguilar, CEO of Wham-O. “What started out as a sheet of plastic is now practically a water park in your own backyard.”

Adults everywhere will live vicariously as their children repeatedly line up to slip, slide and splash onto a Slip ‘N Slide® of their choice come summer. Remember, if it’s not yellow – it’s not a Slip ‘N Slide.

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