Zectron ebike

Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike
Zectron ebike

Zectron ebike

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Meet Zectron, the dream electric bike that ensures good looks, functionality, and safety. It has a futuristic uni-body design, an ultimate long range of up to 150 miles per charge with an optional external battery pack, and an optional GPS anti-theft system that keeps your ride safe with you by locking the bike remotely, receiving notifications for potential theft, and accessing GPS all through Zectron smartphone app. It is also equipped with an integrated display screen that shows battery level and speed. Aside from the tech-forward, software aspects of the bike, the hardware is also carefully and intentionally designed. The ergonomic aerospace-grade magnesium alloy frame of the ebike can be folded into a smaller, portable size; while the shock absorbing suspension system also allows for a smoother, more comfortable ride in various terrains.  

With the Zectron ebike, Wham-O continues the spirit of the Zectron legacy by bringing to consumers a revolutionary product that captures the raw essence of innovation, pushing the boundaries of urban transport, and setting new standards for micro-mobility devices.

Zectron ebike is launching on Indiegogo with the special price $1199, 40% off the retail price $1999.

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Uni-Body Frame

The vehicle frame and chassis are made as one single unit for an all-new level of comfort. Say goodbye to loosening nuts, bolts and screws and hello to a new level of simplicity and strength.

Built-In Display

The 3.9 inch front monitor is embedded in the handle design for a sleek look and easy display of important stats of your ride.

Hidden Wires

Clean and minimalistic looking bike that's aesthetically pleasing and fitted to everyone's liking.

A Charge for A Week's Ride

Maximum Comfort Suspension

Three Riding Modes

Two-Step Easy Folding

Standard and Extra Battery Pack

Ride in Style, Charge in Speed

Anti-Theft System

Aerospace-Grade Frame

Ergonomic Structure

Ride Freely on the Road

Zectron is powered by a 350W motor with a top speed of 20 mph (32 kph) and a 250W motor with a top speed of 15 mph (25 kph), which was designed according to the law.

Intuitive Control

Intuitive and easy-to-use controls allowing users to focus on the riding experience.

Easier Turning

The bike is designed to have a very small turning radius which creates a smoother turn for riders to ensure safety of the rider.

Front & Rear Lights

Shine bright in the night with the front and rear lights.

* The range may vary in different loads, terrains, speeds and other riding conditions.

** GPS function for Zectron bikes is optional.

Your Safety Is Our First Priority

At Zectron Bikes, we hold high requirements on product quality and maintain strict reliability test standards.


Each of our testing processes meets international standards. Take vibration testing as an example: 420 times per minute with a total of 150,000 vibrations under the payload of 220.46 Ibs (100kg) without abnormality - no deformation, no cracks, no fracture, which leaves the industry standard far behind. This is to make sure the Zectron electric bike is 100% reliable for your adventures.


Check out this video to see how the vibration testing is done!

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