Precious Tails Fetches Wham-O® Pet

Wham-O® (Woodland Hills, CA) and Precious Tales®, a Division of Enchante Accessories (New York, NY) and leading consumer pet products company have entered into a licensing agreement. Under the partnership, Precious Tales will develop and market a wide range of fun and exciting Pet Toys and Accessories under the Wham-O® Pets brand which include Original Frisbee®, Superball®, Hula Hoop® and Trac-Ball®

“Finding the right partner who shared our vision for Wham-O® Pets was the key to our launching the brand and Precious Tails has quickly proven to be that partner”, said Kyle Aguilar, CEO of Wham-O®, who went on to say that for over 50 years our pets have shared the Wham-O® brand of toys with their families, now they can have their own Wham-O® Toys and Accessories! The Wham-O® Pet Brand recently debuted at the global pet expo in Orlando, Florida. Ralph Cohen, EVP ofPrecious Tails, says the response was overwhelming. “All of us at Precious Tails are thrilled about this collaboration and we feel it is one that will prove quite beneficial for both brands, but more importantly for the consumer.” Ralph Continued; “Wham-O makes a great partner as they have been the pioneer of fun and excitement to people for over 60 years. Wham-O brings the experience and knowledge, which partnered with Precious Tails’s ability to create innovative products for our four legged family is a winning combination.”

The License was brokered by Wham-O®’s licensing agents, Jack Morrow of Out Of The Box (Calabasas, CA) and Cynthia Hall Domine of Synchronicity (Kennebunk, ME)

About Precious Tails,

The Precious Tails® and Royalty with Loyalty brands® are manufactured by Precious Tails®, a leading consumer pet products company. Precious Tails® is changing the landscape of the pet industry by developing unique, high-quality products made from recycled, reclaimed and certified organic material, and distributes them through the nation’s largest retailers. We understand that a pet is far more than just a sheltered animal, but rather it is a family member whom is adored. It is with this philosophy that we have molded our company and it is this very belief that has propelled us to be one of the leading pet supplies manufacturers in the country.

About Wham-O®

With over 65 years of cultural and commercial significance, and with a lineup of consumer products that appeal to people of all ages, the Wham-O® brand remains synonymous with fun, play and sport. We manufacture and market some of the most recognizable consumer brands in the world today, from classics like Frisbee® discs, Slip ’NSlide® water slides, and Hula Hoop® toy hoops, to outdoor brands like Morey®, Boogie® body boards, Snow Boogie® sleds, and BZ® Pro Boards.

Wham-O is a company and lifestyle brand that is steeped in the American cultural tradition of classic, well made toys. We continue our success and entrepreneurial spirit by building smart partnerships. We target partners aligned with our mission of bringing new products to market that promote our on-going commitment to the highest-quality, and to bringing families, friends, and teammates together during every season of the year – indoors and out. It’s a Lifestyle!

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