Meet Wham-O Team!

We’d like you to meet some of the faces behind your favorite Wham-O products!

Meet our Customer Service Representative Van Eriksen!

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Torrance, California, Van attended Torrance High School in 1983 and went to California State University, Dominguez Hills for college; he graduated in 2000 with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration. Van has over 10 years of experience and knowledge in Customer Service.

His duties at Wham-O includes communicating  with buyers and planners on a daily basis, keeping accurate log of sales history, inventory and orders, monitoring shipment flow and its impact on warehouse’s workload, analyzing sales reports and making the necessary recommendations to production/sales force/accounts and managing product QA testing with overseas testing labs.

Van is married and now resides in Harbor City, California. In his free time, Van enjoys watching sports and going to the beach or park with his wife. Van’s favorite foods include Italian, Hispanic and Chinese food. Van’s favorite actor is Steve McQueen and his favorite movie is JAWS.
If you have any questions about Wham-O products, don’t hesitate to contact Van at

2 replies on “Meet Wham-O Team!

  • Kevin Donnelly

    Hi Van,
    The last time I was in Wham-O’s office was October 1965 when, as a young college student, I made a presentation to the owners, along with Fred Morrison, asking Wham-O to sponsor the world’s first ever Frisbee golf tournament – which they did I have pasted below one of many articles about this and my relationship with Frisbee golf.
    Currently I am in Mexico and designing and then opening a nine hole Frisbee (not disk) golf course in San Miguel using the same rules I established in 1965 which are still very applicable today. I plan to hold clinics and instructonal classes on the game and method of throwing the Frisbee. My problem is there are no Frisbees for people to buy down here. Any possibility for assistance?


    Kevin Donnelly

    The true pioneer of the sport of Frisbee Golf is Kevin Donnelly, who, until 2011, was unknown for his accomplishment. Kevin began playing a form of Frisbee golf in 1959 called Street Frisbee Golf. In 1961, while a Recreation Leader and then Recreation Supervisor for the City of Newport Beach, California, he formulated and then began organizing Frisbee golf tournaments at nine of the city’s playgrounds he supervised. This culminated in 1965 with a fully documented, Wham-O sponsored, city-wide Frisbee Golf tournament. This highly publicized tournament included hula hoops as holes, with published rules, hole lengths, pars, and penalties, Wham-O prizes and, an event in which Fred Morrison, the Frisbee inventor, was in attendance. In 1967, two years after conducting the first-ever organized Frisbee Golf Tournament, Kevin, then the Coordinator of the Parks and Recreation Section at Fresno State College, California, organized and then taught the first ever college level Frisbee Golf activity course, in which George Sappenfield was registered.

    • Olga Zoria

      Hi Kevin – thank you for reaching out, and thank you for being our true fan!
      Unfortunately, we do not sell Frisbee in Mexico at the moment. Hopefully, we will expand our e-commerce to that area soon! Please, subscribe to our monthly newsletters to stay tuned with Wham-O news!

      All the best,


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