Meet The Wham-O Team: Thomas Lindahl

Meet Thomas – Our Director of Sales here at Wham-O! Born and raised in California, Thomas has dedicated his career to sales and marketing. Here at Wham-O, his responsibilities include (but are not limited to) – managing all sales activities within the company, presenting products to all customers, reviewing customer sales and building new business opportunities for Wham-O.

As the Director of Sales, Tom is always on the move meeting with clients all across the country. In fact, when asked what his favorite aspect of his job at Wham-O, without hesitation, Tom answered: “Working with buyers that I’ve had a long relationship with.”

When Tom is not busy traveling, he enjoys spending time with his kids in the park. Of the many places he’s visited, Tom marks Hong Kong as his favorite city, as it’s the city that never sleeps! 

Tom is ecstatic for everyone to get to see what Wham-O is coming out with next Spring and Summer. In particular, he’s excited for everyone to have fun with new Pocket Frisbee® and Frisbee® Sonic, which are coming out in 2018. 

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