Meet The Wham-O Team: Mahdi Moghim

Mahdi was born and raised in Iran, and has moved to Santa Monica, California in 2009.

With more than 10 years of experience in E-Commerce field, Mahdi will take a lead on managing Wham-O E-Commerce business, supporting main website and all its sub-sites, optimizing and running all digital campaigns focused on growing direct sales.

“I always wanted to work for the company, where I could feel myself as part of a big family. Wham-O, does not only have a portfolio of an iconic toys and games, it also has a team of great people who love what they do and try to make products that people would definitely have fun with,” says Mahdi.

When he is not managing SEO campaigns and website launches, Mahdi is enjoying discovering new recipes and improving his cooking skills.

Mahdi’s most inspirational person is Timothy Ferriss, and most favorite Wham-O brand is Frisbee.

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