Meet Wham-O Team: Nancy Nosko

Nancy Nosko has been with Wham-O for just over one year. As the Major Accounts Coordinator, she is responsible for the management of all Key Accounts and around 40 minor accounts. She is also the Assistant to the President.

In addition to being the liaison between customers and the sales, logistics, inventory, and production departments, Nancy handles the Administration of the Vendor Portals and the full order processes.

Basically, her job is to see that things run smoothly. And when they don’t – she’s the trouble shooter.

Nancy earned a Juris Doctor Degree from Pacific Coast University School of Law and is a Certified Mediator of personal and workplace conflicts … something that she has NOT needed to use at Wham-O!!! She is also trained in classical violin (as well as body-building).

When she can find some spare time, her interests include: dancing, hiking, visiting botanical gardens, making clothes, and watching Football, Baseball and Basketball (she doesn’t get to play anymore).


The decision to join Wham-O was definitely the right move for me. We get to provide the products that I grew up with and still love to play with – yes, I have a few Frisbees, two Hula Hoops and a Hacky Sack. The work is challenging and I have the privilege of working with a group of very special people.

Nancy Nosko, Major Accounts Coordinator

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