Meet The Wham-O Team: Layli Nerenberg

Layli was raised in the small suburbs of Whittier, California and went to Whittier High School, also known in “Back to The Future” as “Hill Valley High School”.

Layli then graduated from Otis College of Art and Design in 2015 with a major in Toy Design, and has always been passionate about graphic design. Prior to her job at Wham-O, she was a Toy Designer for a plushy company, which created/sold handmade dolls, and she also painted children’s faces at the theme park, Knotts Berry Farm as a side job.

Here at Wham-O, her responsibilities include new packaging development, creative illustration, and marketing materials development.

When Layli finally gets some free time, she is happy to dedicate it to her favorite hobby – sculpting dolls.

When asked what her most remarkable Wham-O experience (so far!), Layli answered:  “Working for a company that has so much history to it, knowing that I helped to create designs for the world to see, and being a part of a team is remarkable in general”.  

By finally being able to have hands on all Wham-O items, Layli stays loyal to her most favorite Wham-O Product – the Frisbee®  

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