Hooked on Hooping: Wham-O FX Weighted Hula Hoop®

The FabFitFun Team – There are lots of things to miss about being a kid…running up to the ice cream man…hurtling down the Slip ’N Slide®…telling your kid sister that all her dolls are related to Chucky…grabbing a Hula Hoop® and shaking everything you got…

Well ladies, it’s time to dust off those hip-shaking moves, because the Hula Hoop® is making a fab fitness comeback!

Hooping is a new workout trend that is changing the way people exercise. The weighted Hula Hoop® FX from Wham-O offers all the fun of the Hula Hoop® you knew as a kid, but is now combined with a fab fitness twist. The hoop weighs about 1.5 pounds and can actually help strengthen core muscles while you hoop.

The cardio workout will definitely get your heart pumping and help you improve your balance and coordination. According to the American Council on Exercise, hula hooping can burn approximately 200 calories per 30 minutes. You can do it at home while you’re watching TV, which is a whole lot better for you than munching on chips while lounging on the couch (and the only exercise you get is looking for a chip that fell between the cushions).

Hooping classes like HoopGirl are also popping up just about everywhere. These fitness hooping classes feature rhythmic movements set to high energy music to really get those calories burning!

But whether you do it at home, at a class or on the beach, the truth is that hooping is simply a whole lot of fun! So check out Wham-O, the inventor of the Hula Hoop®, and start hooping it up today! The Hula Hoop® FX is available at Big 5 and Sport Chalet, both online and in stores.

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