Catherine Zeta-Jones Teaches Ellen How To Hula Hoop

SHE might live in Hollywood now, but that hasn’t stopped Welsh actress Catherine Zeta-Jones from enjoying the simple things in life.

The Oscar-winning Chicago star taught Ellen DeGeneres how to hula hoop during an appearance on her US TV show last night.

Wearing stilettos and a tight burgundy dress, Catherine managed to look elegant as she manoeuvred the plastic hoop around her hips.

As she gyrated, Catherine explained that the exercise is “really good for your core muscles”.

However the actress looked aghast as she lost control of a hoop and it dropped to the ground, while Ellen’s kept spinning.

Picking hers up and spinning it even faster around her slender body, Catherine boasted that she “used to be able to spin it around her neck.”

The girls then had a play fight, hitting each other with the hoops and trying to jump through them.

Catherine – who turned 43 in September – has previously credited the exercise with helping her stay slim, and says she prefers the classic hobby to expensive personal trainers.

She told InStyle magazine in December: “I do it for 20 minutes a day. I don’t use the old-fashioned hollow plastic kind we had when we were kids, but I discovered a new one at Danskin that’s smaller and weighted.”

Ellen then quizzed Catherine on her husband’s kiss with co-star Matt Damon in upcoming HBO film Behind the Candelabra.


Michael Douglas plays American entertainer Liberace, who allegedly enjoyed a five-year romance with his 22-year-old former chauffeur Scott Thorson, who is played by Damon.

Speaking of their passionate kiss, Catherine said: “If my husband’s going to kiss anybody, let it be Matt Damon.”

Ellen agreed saying: “Matt’s a good kisser, I’ve had the privilege of kissing him, we kissed here,” illustrating her point by showing a photo of their snog on the screen behind them.


Catherine purred: “I have never kissed Matt Damon, I’m so jealous.”

However the 43-year-old actress has had the pleasure of kissing Brad Pitt and Antonio Banderas and revealed her husband isn’t jealous about her romantic scenes with the much younger actors.

When Catherine told her 68-year-old hubby she was to spend the day in bed with Brad Pitt on the morning of the shoot he told her: “Go for it girl.”

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