Boogie®Board: Malibu

Wham-O introduces our latest series of Boogie®Boards, the Malibu Boogie®Board. All Malibu boards feature a Phuzion Core®, an EVA composite construction with contoured deck, a full-color printing top deck graphic, a wrist leash and full channels for advanced performance.

These Phuzion Core® bodyboards are designed with a crescent tail that helps lock the body into position for superior bodyboard control; giving the board excellent control and more maneuverability.

Fiberclad deck, bottom, and Phuzion Core® make this Boogie®Boards amazingly lightweight at only 13 ounces, yet durable, and buoyant. Its ready for as many wipe-outs as you can handle. The Malibu Boogie®Boards are extremely beginner-friendly and are built for people experiencing the ocean for the first time.

So get yours now and make sure not to miss any waves this summer!

Boogie®Board: Malibu 36396 Malibu 37in Reef Octopus 1 Boogie®Board: Malibu 36398 Malibu 37in Classic Llama 1

Boogie®Board: Malibu 36395 Malibu 33in Reef Octopus 1Boogie®Board: Malibu 36397 Malibu 33in Classic Fox 1

Boogie®Board: Malibu 36399 Malibu 41in Classic Tiki LoRes 1


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