Amazing Frisbee Throw Off Australian Bridge

ThePostGame by Max Thompson – TBrace yourself for the greatest Frisbee toss and reception in the history of the world. Hyperbole? Maybe. But it’s unlike anything we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen most of Brodie Smith’s offerings in the world of Frisbee trick shots. This is just on another level. The sheer distance the frisbee covers should be impressive enough, but then a speedboat comes whipping into the picture, followed by, well, you have to see it:

Smith said the throw was off the Narrows Bridge in Perth, Australia, and was the brainchild of a late night run to McDonalds by himself and the How Ridiculous boys. They rented a boat and hashed out a plan.

Conspiracy theorists have already cried out that the video can’t be real, but it’s pretty clear that it is.

“I have no clue how you would even attempt to fake these videos,” Smith said.

We concur. We also genuinely try to believe that after a while, certain genres of trick shots get old. But the creativity and sheer production effort of some of Smith’s best work demands extra views. He’s got it right – if you’re going to be a one-trick pony on the Internet, you better find a way to make that trick more impressive with time and repetition. Smith never fails.

So what’s next? Throwing a Frisbee to a passing open-cockpit airplane? Tossing the disk while skydiving? We’re all waiting, Mr. Smith.

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