Key Facts

How much do you know about Wham-O?

Vivid imagination and ability to see beyond ordinary – is what takes curious mind to the World of Fun!

  1. Both Wham-O founders, Arthur “Spud” Mellin and Richard Knerr, were USC graduates. Go Trojans!
  2. The best friends named the company after the sound their first product, a slingshot, made when it hit its target.
  3. Frisbee or Pluto Platter? Inspired by the countrywide obsession with the UFO phenomena, Wham-O founders named the most popular Flying disc as a Pluto Platter™ Putt Putt. However, a year later either being influenced by the comic strip called “Mr. Frisbie” or by the Frisbie Pie Co. tins, or by both – brand name Frisbee® was introduced.
  4. Australian kids, who were exercising with bamboo rings inspired for the creation of the modern Hula Hoop®
  5. Superball® was created by a chemical engineer by an incident
  6. The NFL named the Super Bowl games after Superball®
  7. “Air Blaster” (1965), which could blow out a candle at 20 feet
  8. Wham-O also marketed very real crossbows, machetes, boomerangs, throwing knives
  9. A fictionalized account of the invention of two Wham-O products, the Hula-Hoop® and Frisbee®, is depicted in the 1994 film The Hudsucker Proxy
  10. A Wham-O Air Blaster was featured in the infamous 1964 film Santa Claus Conquers the Martians as a freeze ray gun used by one of the Martians.
  11. The band Monster Magnet is named after a Wham-O toy from the 1960s. Once dropped out of a 23rd floor hotel window in Australia, Superball® shot back up 15 floors.
  12. During 1960s Wham-O sold more than 20 million Superball® balls By 1994 Frisbee® sales reached 100 million units
  13. 25 million of Hula Hoops® were sold in less than four months after the launch in 1957 and in two years sales reached more than 100 million units making US$45 million in revenue
  14. Wham-O sold about 230 different items. Our grandparents, guaranteed, touched a Wham O product.
  15. The Superball®, Frisbee®, Hula Hoop® were inducted into the National Toy Hall of Fame